Thursday, 13 August 2015

Patience - Avia and Sebastian's story

A much requested extra of Avia and Sebastian's story.
Some pictures:
The house in the Lake District

Sebastian Wright (I know I've posted this before but because I have never written anything with him in the past I thought I'd repost. He is Christian Wright's, younger brother, born in 2138. He is Luna Bambini.)

Extra after the jump

Faith (and life) update

So i realise i havent said anything about Faith recently and been talking of a new story when i had previously announced Faith would be my next story but in reality i dont know when Faith will be released now. Sorry to go all 'Midnight Sun' on you guys but my personal life situation has changed drastically and whilst i still wish to tell the story, with probably major adjustments to the FanFiction version, i am simply not in the right mind to write it. I never understood what Stephenie said about 'not being able' to write Midnight Sun but i honestly get it 100%. When a story so personal and close to you is violated in what ever way, its so hard to go back to it and continue writing it with the same excitement and loyalty. I broke up with C late January this year. I am still close to his family, his daughter is still my daughter and his sister is still my sister but he has issues himself that i just couldnt handle, his sister, that you all know as Beth moved to Spain May this year as soon as she finished school and has been there ever since, she has been going through so much that shes cut herself from the internet and her brother completely.
Things are bad, but i wont elaborate for the privacy of my family and C.
It may be years until i write Faith, so i am so sorry to say that that story is off the cards for now.

On the plus side i DO have ideas for a new story after Forever Legends that i may or may not write, i havent decided yet.
It is sort of like an alternative version of Renesmee's Teenage Story where the Volturi arent killed and Zio stays with Aro. It makes me excited to be able to write Zio/Chanti and Eddie/Chloe's love stories in a new way but we will see.

Thank you to EVERYONE who is still reading my stories and supporting me. You are all so amazing. I love you.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Pictures update: Minor characters

So ilovetwilight999 wanted some pictures of minor characters from Chloe's family. Richard is a lot older than Alyssa because its him in Forever After, bare in mind Alyssa died in her 30s, so shes going to be younger than him.

I dont know why i havent posted this before but younger Chloe

Portayed by Emily Carey

Richard Williams (Chloe's dad) - in FOREVER AFTER 

Portrayed by Daniel Day Lewis

Alyssa Elliot (Chloe's mom) - In RF before she died.

Portrayed by  Colette Butler

Holly Elliot (Chloe's cousin)

Portrayed by Skye McCole Bartusiak

Monday, 22 June 2015


So Italy was not what i expected, the country is amazing and i love the place but the experience with the family has been bad so im coming home! I will be looking for another job maybe in Italy or somewhere close but it means ill be home for a few weeks and will be free. I am hoping i will finish Forever Legends in these few weeks and get them up as soon as possible.
As of right now i have no plans to start or continue any other story after Forever Legends, but if my next job allows more free time i will definitely finish either Edwards New Moon or Semper Fidelis.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Update on life + New fanfanfiction!

Hi guys, i thought id write an update for you all on my life since its been a while. I have officially finished my college work and now fully qualified in childcare. I left my current jobs (that was taking up way too much of my time) and going to have a lot more free time. I am no longer a nanny or work in a nursery. My new job starts Sunday! im going to Sicily, Italy to be an Au Pair for three months. I am unsure about my free time at the moment but i am positive i will have more than i do now. I will no longer need to set time aside for family or work and can focus on other things such as fanfiction!
I am so excited to be working in the country i have always loved so much (and made sure was in my stories). I am going to the home country of Esther and Pancrazio! I promise my Italian in my stories will get better with me being there haha.
So thats an update on me! hope you are all doing well too.

The other thing i wanted to talk about was a new story ive been reading from ilovetwilight999. Its sort of an alternate universe from mine, butterflywhisperer and truetigress. The main character is Eddie and Chloe's daughter called Mercedes. It takes a bit to get used to the characters but im excited to see where it goes.
Her Blog: (helps with the character list)

ilovetwilight999 has also made me some really cute fanart so ill post that too!