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Monday, 5 May 2014

Extra introducing Ivana Balev

Some of you have seen on my twitter that ive mentioned a character called Ivana, she is the daughter of Esther and Aleksander in the year 2180. Ive been wanting to write about her for a while and I decided to put it in Esther's story as a 'bonus' chapter since its not from her past but from her future. Its just a small chapter showing you Ivana, i wanted to get across her strong personality and of course her ability :)
There is also (maybe) a few minor hints to part of Forever Legend's story line.

Ive also updated The Immortals tab to include some minor spoilery Immortal Witch information :)

Click here to read Ivana's extra (or see below). She is also in the Luna Bambini tab!

Ivana Balev

Portrayed by Samantha Boscarino

Esther: Ivana (BONUS)

Chicago, 2189.
Ivana Balev

“Ivana-Chloe-Jane wake up bambino,” I heard my mother’s sweet voice. I turned in my bed to see her sitting on the edge, literally glowing in the morning light that shone through my window.
“Hi mama,” I giggled.
“Your sisters are here,” she announced and it took me all of one second to jump out of bed and pull on the nearest clothes I could find. My mother laughed. I pulled my long brown hair up into a quick bun and presented myself to my mother. I was lucky, I barely had to wear makeup, I had naturally dark eyes and flawless skin thanks to my parents. “Ready?” she asked with a smile. I nodded and reached for the door. I took the steps two at a time and saw my sisters standing with our father in the hall.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

New Making Memories Chapter + Pictures

Updating a new Making Memories chapter either today or very very soon. It contains MINOR spoilers for Forever After. There is a certain relative of Jacob that phases that hasn't yet in Forever After.
Here is the synopsis plus a few pictures of new children :)

Eliza is the only single one left of the 4 girls, for the first time in her life she leaves her sisters to travel to the place her family have spoken about her entire life, La Push. Eliza already considers La Push her second home despite having never been there. Will Eliza want to stay in La Push? Will it be Renesmee’s surprise or a certain wolf making her stay? Set at the end of Forever Legends.

Kai Black (AKA Kai Finau from Forever After)
 Portrayed by Darin Brooks

Chartelle Elizabeth Black
Portrayed by Lauren Boles (THANKS SAMY)

Emalie Alexandra Black 
Portrayed by Sofia Pestrjakova

Eliam Kai Black
Portrayed by Artem Kononenko

Kameron Jacob Edward Black
Portrayed by Cyril Lyabanin

Asherah Renesmee Alexandra Black
Portrayed by Vera Pogosjan

Forever After will be updated very soon, i apologise for the wait.

Sunday, 20 April 2014


Hey guys, I've had quite a few questions about Faith recently and I wanted to clear some things up. I am still writing Faith and it is nearly finished. After going through old emails/texts/diaries etc I've decided that I will not be publishing it on FanFiction. I've pretty much kept it as close to the true story as possible, only adding in the odd conversation and events to pad it out a bit, even then the conversations are either taken from diaries from the time or they're what I remember talking about (roughly). Most of you know it's a personal story and digging into my past like this has awoken memories and made me realise a lot of things. Whilst I don't regret any decisions I made back then, I was a naive 14 year old and I know I will receive hate for it, not only me but 'Edward' too. I don't want to put him under that kind of punishment. This story is meant to show how he overcame his fathers abuse. It's supposed to show that no matter how bad things get, if you work for what you want there can be a happy ending. Writing this, it's crazy to me that the 'Edward' in this story is the same guy I am with now, he has changed so much and it makes me incredibly proud of how far he has come and that is why I'm still letting this story be read. I don't think I or 'Edward' should be ashamed of this, it should be taken as a lesson.

That being said. The story is written from both POVs. I wrote part of this a few years ago and actually published it on FanFiction under another name (Not BNC). I took it down but kept the story on my computer. I have used that, plus diaries, emails, the one-shot 'Faith' and actual memories and compiled it into a more in depth story. The first chapter of this preview you will all recognise from 'Faith' so you can skip it if you like but there is a 'Bella' POV at the end.

I am still waiting on 'Edward' to finish some later chapters so for now I thought I'd post the first 2 on my blog. I will let you know when the full story is available.

I hope this explains some things to you all and I am truly grateful to those that support me in writing this.

Download Link : OR The preview is a PDF. If you cant view it, download Adobe Reader (UK Link, might not work for US, just google it ITS FREE)


Ill keep you updated on when the full story is out :)

EDIT: Out of pure convenience for myself this is based in England. Some things might be confusing. Sorry about that, feel free to ask me on twitter for American equivalents on some things :)
EDIT 22/04/14: Read only word doc added for those that cant view PDF.