Friday, 8 September 2017

Safe Haven

This is a continuation 5 years later of the extra 'Hidden' i highly recommend you read it first. You can read it here. It introduces the character Mia, who is the granddaughter of Renesmee and Jacob, through their daughter Chartelle who is the alpha of the La Push wolves. The La Push wolves are different to the main body of wolves that serve Zac and Leah in their pack. The La Push wolves are ran by Chartelle, and paid, to protect her daughter who is the first tribrid, witch, vampire and wolf.

In this story Mia has been physically 18 for 6 years. Also Asta is the daughter of Lidiya and Matthew, she was born at the end of Forever Legends and has a strong affinity for death. Asta's ability doesnt work like Lidiya's, she cant just 'drop' people dead like her, she uses things around her and nature to control death, far more violent but just as accurate.

Again with Forever Legends, i have tried to see the 'future' and what i expect it would be like but i have tried not to go to far with it all, especially with this story as its mentioned that La Push very much lives in the past and is a very rural area.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Labor Day Extra

I finally have this extra ready to publish.
I didnt want to put too much 'futuristic' stuff in it, i mentioned pollution and cities growing and a slight change in medical care but im sure this far in the future we wont even have hospitals but it wouldnt have brought the same point across if i changed it too much. So please look past the fact this is so far in the future that things wouldnt be like this and enjoy the growth of the Black family.
I apologise for the wait on this. I had a lot happen to me the past month and a half and there was no way i could have got it out any sooner. This is going to be my last piece of writing for a while. I have no idea when ill be adding to my stories. This is only being published because it was mostly all written before my life crashed. Thanks for the continued support. I love the small bunch of you i have left.


A reminder of children and years they were born, mates and where they live. Although the latter two aren't really important in this story. Click their names if you need more information to remember.
William Edward 2015 - Sophia Cullen : La Push
Sarah Isabella 2016 - Nahuel : Brazil
Lauren Chantelle 2017 - Nick Clearwater : Canada
Anthony Charlie 2022 - Anelie Balev : Chicago
Zachary Masen 2022 - Leah Clearwater : Outside of Chicago
Isobel Chloe 2025 - Jason Black : Italy

Chartelle Elizabeth 2147 - Ryan Barnes : La Push
Eliam Kai 2151 - Various places
Emalie Alexandra 2151 - Seattle

Sethla Emmett 2188

Friday, 9 September 2016

A Little Get to Know Me

Sorry i havent posted in a while, i saw this on tumblr and thought it would be fun to post here as a get to know me thing. I keep most of my life private but i figured why not tell you all a bit about me, at least those that care to know.
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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Dynasty Preview #2

Pancrazio POV

When I ran into the girl, it was an accident. I merely bumped shoulders with her but as I turned to apologise I was suddenly lost for words. She smiled up at me and all I could do was smile back. She giggled and turned her head of long blonde curls to walk away. I stood there staring after her as she ran up to her friend and they both giggled as they looked at me. I was so awestruck at her beauty that in that moment I didnt even notice that both girls had hummingbird heartbeats, that their skin was pale and they were both strikingly and otherworldly beautiful. I had just ran into two human vampire hybrids and it failed to register in my male hormone distracted mind.
I had never been awestruck at a woman before. I mean I knew I wasnt gay like my brother, I understood beauty and I understood I liked girls but I never found or went after an other half. My sister had hers and my brother denied everyday what he liked but I just felt happy enough on my own. I knew being the heir to the Volturi wasnt exactly a turn on for vampires nor was I ever going to be able to bring a human home to meet the family. However I hadn't until now considered someone like me, a hybrid.
Being in this mall alone burned my throat unlike anything ive ever felt before in my life. This was the first time id been with this many humans and I realised that Tatiana was probably feeling the same thing. I dropped the bath bomb id been holding and made it to the door. I passed the girls as I went and I heard the red head telling the blonde to go introduce herself but she was laughing and shaking her head.
As much as I wanted to go and talk to her, as much as I fought every ounce of my being to turn around I didnt. I left the store and searched for my sister because I knew that I wasnt going to last long in this human infested place, I definitely knew my wild, untameable, impulsive sister wouldnt. She was probably already tracking her next meal. 
I silently wondered in the back of my head how the girls I just left could even stand it in here. I didnt realise the girl with red hair had followed me until I was nearly at the food court. I saw my sister talking to a boy when she interrupted me.
“hey!” she called and her hand touched my arm. Her temperature felt normal to me, which meant she was definitely a hybrid running at the same temperature as me. Could she possibly be one of them?
“hello” I said politely.
“my sister wanted to know your name” she smiled sweetly.
“Renesmee!!!” the blonde called when she reached us. I was immediately taken back. Renesmee. It was them. This was Renesmee Cullen. I kept a straight face as I spoke to the girl that started it all, who was the reason me and my siblings existed.
“I am Pancrazio. I am afraid im not from around here. Im here to visit friends” I said politely back at my fathers most wanted possession.
“where are you from? My name is Nessie, this is Chantelle” she said reaching for her sister. The blonde smiled sweetly at me and my eyes were immediately drawn to her over Renesmee.
“Italy” I said involuntary. I was supposed to lie. I wasnt even supposed to say my name but this girl had an effect over me I couldnt even explain. I wanted her to know me.
“Pancrazio? Isnt that….?” Renesmee trailed off. I saw the immediate fear in her eyes and it broke my heart to see the reaction my name gave her. She knew. Of course she did. Most of the world knew about me, it was only my siblings who were secret.
“i am not here to hurt you Renesmee"