Sunday, 20 April 2014


Hey guys, I've had quite a few questions about Faith recently and I wanted to clear some things up. I am still writing Faith and it is nearly finished. After going through old emails/texts/diaries etc I've decided that I will not be publishing it on FanFiction. I've pretty much kept it as close to the true story as possible, only adding in the odd conversation and events to pad it out a bit, even then the conversations are either taken from diaries from the time or they're what I remember talking about (roughly). Most of you know it's a personal story and digging into my past like this has awoken memories and made me realise a lot of things. Whilst I don't regret any decisions I made back then, I was a naive 14 year old and I know I will receive hate for it, not only me but 'Edward' too. I don't want to put him under that kind of punishment. This story is meant to show how he overcame his fathers abuse. It's supposed to show that no matter how bad things get, if you work for what you want there can be a happy ending. Writing this, it's crazy to me that the 'Edward' in this story is the same guy I am with now, he has changed so much and it makes me incredibly proud of how far he has come and that is why I'm still letting this story be read. I don't think I or 'Edward' should be ashamed of this, it should be taken as a lesson.

That being said. The story is written from both POVs. I wrote part of this a few years ago and actually published it on FanFiction under another name (Not BNC). I took it down but kept the story on my computer. I have used that, plus diaries, emails, the one-shot 'Faith' and actual memories and compiled it into a more in depth story. The first chapter of this preview you will all recognise from 'Faith' so you can skip it if you like but there is a 'Bella' POV at the end.

I am still waiting on 'Edward' to finish some later chapters so for now I thought I'd post the first 2 on my blog. I will let you know when the full story is available.

I hope this explains some things to you all and I am truly grateful to those that support me in writing this.

Download Link : OR The preview is a PDF. If you cant view it, download Adobe Reader (UK Link, might not work for US, just google it ITS FREE)


Ill keep you updated on when the full story is out :)

EDIT: Out of pure convenience for myself this is based in England. Some things might be confusing. Sorry about that, feel free to ask me on twitter for American equivalents on some things :)
EDIT 22/04/14: Read only word doc added for those that cant view PDF.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Extra from Renesmee's Teenage Story - Chloe and Eddie

Ive had quite a few requests over the years to write out the conversation between Chloe and Eddie in chapter 17 of Renesmee's Teenage Story. Its the conversation where Eddie says they cant be together but as we all know he was lying to her to protect her.

Extra after the break OR go to the Extra's tab, click Renesmee's Teenage Story Extras and find it there.


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Happy Birthday Samy! - Tony/Anelie EXTRA

I wrote part of this a while ago but I wanted to save it so I could release it today specifically. This is for Samy, who’s birthday is today! I wanted to do something special for you and this is the only thing I could really think of. Happy birthday hun! I never thought I'd ever get a friend like you through FanFiction. You're always there for me and you seriously don’t know how much that means to me. I cant believe we’ve only been talking to each other a few months, it feels like a life time. Thank you for everything. I just thought I'd write an extra of (one of) your OTPs hehe. Love you and hope you had an amazing day and your brothers weren't too annoying ;) <3

It's kinda fluffy but I had a dream about Anelie and Tony with daughters and I had to write it down. There is more than just this which I will release later on this month. This is just a start that I really wanted to publish today for Samy.

The extra is after the break :)

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

(Attention FanFiction Authors) Model Guide

This is more of an information blog post. It is nothing to do with any of my FanFictions and readers you can look away, this is just for those authors and FF friends of mine that have started blogs of their own. It has come to my attention that some of you are either completely unaware of this or are uneducated on the subject.

I have noticed more and more FanFiction authors following the route of posting models or actors to portray their characters. I started doing this when I was writing Renesmee's Childhood Story so I've definitely been doing it for a while. I just wanted to point some things out that I have learnt in my 5 years of writing FanFiction.

Where you find your child models is EXTREMELY important.

You can be SUED for inappropriate use of pictures of children (If you dont know what the words 'lawsuit' or 'copyright' mean, GTFO the Internet or google both things IMMEDIATELY) this includes something as simple as reposting it onto your website/blog without permission to do so. Now a few of you are probably rolling your eyes and thinking I'm talking nonsense or that 'I won't get caught' but YOU WILL. Famous actors are okay, people like Mackenzie Foy who has her picture everywhere, or basically anyone that's ever been in a movie or TV show. The issue comes when you use unknown or new child models. Some websites are okay for this and I am going to list my source websites but some are a NO GO zone.

The thing you need to look out for is where you are getting your pictures, if you know of a child model and are googling them, make sure you go to their official website/twitter/facebook first. A lot of child models are on the Internet with the permission of their parents but that does not mean you are free to take and repost their pictures. A prime example of this is Gemma Devine. She became extremely popular in 2008 when Breaking Dawn came out. I was on the internet a lot back then and Gemma, along with Mackenzie Foy were fan favourites for Renesmee. Gemma's mother is a photographer and has been putting pictures of Gemma and her siblings on the Internet for years but only on her website, the moment people started to remove Gemma's pictures her mother didn't like it.
Another example is Grace Dever, there was a huge big thing where her fansites even went offline for a while because people were reposting their pictures without permission and their family became very upset. You're not even allowed to make fanvideo/youtube videos of Grace.

If you do not have the mothers permission DO NOT repost the pictures.

Right now you're probably thinking that I have pictures of children on my blog without permission and that is correct. Every time I find a model I want to use I double and triple check that there is no copyright on the pictures or that there isn't a specific request not to take the pictures. You are normally perfectly safe if there is no written word not to remove the pictures. For example, most model fansites or actresses are free for all really but there are some you will find warnings.
Here are some examples for you: (click to enlarge)

I personally use all three of the actors in these galleries as characters so instead of trying to find an alternative all I did was post a link directly to the galleries instead of reposting the pictures. It is vital that you read these kind of messages and you don't just enter the gallery without reading them.

When it comes down to it, if you dont have permission or you're not sure DO NOT REPOST THE PICTURE.
I am serious and I'm not joking, you can be sued and even if you're thinking 'I'm just 15, they can't sue me' I dont think your parents would be happy.

I have had a few emails in the past from mothers of the models I have used. I received one only recently and I'm normally extremely careful but I have had 2 in the past asking me to take them down and I was given permission for another (young Chantelle). I have been lucky that the mothers didn't take any further action but they could easily have.
Example of an email I have received
This particular model I found there was no warning, and the mother didn't have any problems after I took the picture down. The website I got the picture off should have made sure it was obvious the model wasn't to be copied but most are very good at warning you.

I know it seems silly, after all, we're not using the pictures inappropriately or maliciously, we're only young girls writing FanFiction but some mothers out there still don't like it. I personally don't understand them at all, I mean if you don't want your child on the internet you shouldn't be putting them up anyway but sadly we can't do anything about it.

This is just a warning to my fellow FanFiction friends, just please be careful. I think this is an issue not a lot of you are aware of and I am writing this from experience from what I've gone through in the years that I've been writing FanFiction.

Hope this is useful and you are now more aware. Google it and educate yourselves and be careful what children you put on your blogs.

Websites I know are safe:

Some models I know you should NOT post: (these are just some I've come across, not all)
Gemma Devine (and siblings)
Grace Dever (and siblings)
Mia Hays
Tyree Brown
Sadie Som (and siblings)
Lexi Jourden
Savannah Davis
Nikki Hahn

Thursday, 6 March 2014

MIA explanation

Okay guys a lot of you have noticed that I haven't updated in a while, I've had floods of messages and I'm really sorry I haven't had time to reply to them. Ive posted it on twitter but I'm aware there are people that check my blog more, and the past week the views have flown super high and I can only imagine people were looking for an explanation.

I have had a lot of real life things to deal with, my boyfriend's mother and half siblings were visiting us from Spain and his mother was in a car crash with my boyfriends daughter and siblings. She was in a coma for a few days afterwards and during them few days her husband practically dumped his three kids (my boyfriends half siblings) on him to look after. He already has his biological sister, daughter and son to take care of so you could imagine him having to deal with a grieving teenage sister and five kids under six. His mum died a few days later and it just got worse. His step father didn't return for the kids for over a week, I tried to help as much as possible where i could because he just couldnt handle all them children by himself. Luckily his step dad is back now and took the kids back to Spain but my boyfriend doesn't think he'll stay there long because he can't handle three children by himself and we might have to make an arrangement with my boyfriends older brother and the step dad to take care of the children.

On top of this I also got a new job, I work in a nursery 11 hours a day and that's on top of the nannying I already do 10 hours a week. I literally had no time what so ever the past few weeks to do anything FF other than the weekend and even then I only had a few hours.

I am severely on the edge of a mental breakdown, I am absolutely exhausted from not sleeping and I am highly susceptible to illnesses right now because of personal reasons and I am already starting to feel ill because of it. I don't want this to sound like I'm complaining or trying for a sympathy vote or anything, I just thought I should owe you all an explanation and get it out in the open since it was mostly revealed on twitter anyway.

I am focusing on Forever After, that chapter should be up soon, Forever Legends might be after the weekend.

Thanks for the support I've been given already. It means so much.
Love you guys.